How it works

Lending with ArchOver

Every loan listed on the platform has been pre-screened and approved by our experienced in-house credit team. All loan and borrowing company details are available for you to view via your Investment Dashboard. The rate, loan term and loan security type are listed, and you always make the final decision on which companies you would like to invest in. Plus, unlike some other lending sites, the interest rate posted with the loan is the rate you receive – there is no cost to lend, and the rate is fixed for the duration of the loan term.

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3. Pledge and earn up to 9% p.a.

Borrowing with ArchOver

Companies who borrow over the ArchOver platform are UK based and have been trading for a minimum of 2 years. They must have an established management team and a proven business model based on trading business to business, and they must have assets against which the loan can be secured. These are dependent on the Borrowers’ business model and help determine whether a Secured & Insured or Secured & Assigned loan would best suit their needs.

ArchOver does not take personal guarantees so the Borrower can keep their personal lives separate from the business. Borrowers’ reasons for seeking funding are listed in the relevant loan area of Investment Opportunities on the ArchOver platform. All loans are fixed term, for a fixed amount of money and at a fixed rate of interest, which helps the Borrower to plan for the future and use the resources available to them in the most efficient way possible.

ArchOver is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 723755. Your capital is at risk. Lending over the ArchOver platform is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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