Hampden Research

We believe that conducting syndicate and market research is a key part of our duty to clients and is the reason why we have consistently outperformed the market. The Hampden Underwriting Research (HUR) team’s role is both to analyse the syndicates which are currently available to our clients, as well as to source new opportunities. This might be new structures to access business underwritten by an existing syndicate, or by supporting a start-up syndicate. Sometimes these can be exclusive opportunities for Hampden’s clients.

This work is all backed by in-depth research into the insurance and reinsurance markets that provides the backdrop to the trading environment for our syndicates.

HUR which consists of eight experienced analysts, approaches the market from complementary backgrounds of  expertise within the Lloyd's market. Hampden’s clients have direct access to the team at all times.

HUR also produces a regular set of research reports which enables our clients to keep up to date with the frequent changes in the Market.

Importantly, HUR's annual "Syndicate Profiles" provide a comprehensive analysis of each syndicate so that clients can discuss their portfolios with their Members' Executive.

For those clients who prefer not to pick individual syndicates HUR also manages the discretionary portfolios called MAPAs. Further details are available from our Marketing team. Please click here.

Hampden Agencies Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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For a full set of risk warnings please click here

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Underwriting at Lloyd’s is a very high risk investment. Members underwriting through a limited liability vehicle are exposed to losing the entire assets of the vehicle. Independent financial advice should always be sought before any underwriting commitment is made by a potential or existing member.

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