Key people


The issues and interests of our clients and of Third Party Capital are central to the running of the Agency. The Board also approves the recommendations from Hampden Research on syndicates and insurance market trends that guides the advice on underwriting provided to our clients by the Members’ Executives.

Members’ Executives

We have a substantial team of colleagues drawn from a wide range of previous senior roles in the Lloyd’s market, that gives them the necessary experience and understanding to provide the advice required by their clients on underwriting at Lloyd's.

Research Team

We have a team of eight who devote their efforts to rigorously assessing the syndicates supported by our clients as well as the insurance market as a whole.

We are also able to draw upon the administrative support of our Assistants to the Members' Executives who provide another point of contact for Members.

Supporting the Members' Executives and the Assistants is our Operations Team.

Nomina Plc

In the same office is the Nomina team who produce the financial and accounting information for all the limited liability vehicles of our clients.

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