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Membership of Lloyd's presents to both institutional and private investors the opportunity to participate directly in the Lloyd's insurance market accessing the business underwritten by established syndicates.

For private individual clients looking to trade at Lloyd’s through a Limited Liability Vehicle (“LLV”)

Summary of Opportunities

Limited Liability

The protection given by limiting the exposure to the investments in the LLV and other Lloyd’s assets is a key advantage of modern Lloyd’s

Double Use of Assets

Qualifying investments such as stocks and shares or bonds can be used to support the underwriting of a LLV thus potentially enabling returns from both the investments and from the underwriting. Bank guarantees are also eligible secured on a property potfolio or other personal assets.

Direct Investment into Historically Low-Correlated Asset Class

Returns from underwriting at Lloyd’s have historically had a very low correlation with those from other asset classes.

Potential to make Underwriting Profits & Capital Gains

Underwriting at Lloyd’s has the potential to make profits not solely from the results of syndicate underwriting, but also by way of capital gain on the acquisition and disposal of syndicate capacity. To see the returns made by Hampden clients please visit our Performance page.

Potential Tax & Estate Planning Benefits

Underwriting at Lloyd’s is not considered to be an investment but rather a trade and as such its activities are taxed as being those of a trading entity. Amongst the benefits of such treatment is the availability of Business Property Relief and Entrepreneurs’ Relief. This is an important and complex area where specific advice from an accountant should be sought.

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Our Services to Clients

As a Members' Agency, we concentrate upon creating long-standing client relationships based on excellent service and we aim to deliver superior returns from underwriting insurance business at Lloyd's. 

Our Members' Executives therefore specialise in getting to know their clients extremely well and in fully understanding their investment expectations which in turn drives the advice tailored for each client based upon a relationship that has often spanned decades.

Using the syndicate research and market opinions of Hampden Underwriting Research (HUR) our Members' Executives will annually adapt clients' syndicate portfolios both according to market conditions and to clients' changing appetite for taking underwriting risk.

Every client is different but Hampden produces for each client: 

  • extensive and detailed market research and syndicate portfolio analysis;
  • individual advice from our Members' Executives;
  • creation and management of bespoke portfolios or MAPAs as preferred;
  • innovative solutions to help clients manage the underwriting cycle.

Hampden Agencies will be pleased to assist existing Members who are considering their options in Lloyd's by:

  • identifying the potential for any improvement in your syndicate portfolio and risk reward balance;
  • assisting with tax matters and corporate structures;
  • advising on buying and selling Limited Liability Vehicles;
  • introducing senior Members' Executives for managing UHNW clients.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Alistair Troughton
Alistair Troughton
Director, Nomina Plc

Alistair has worked in Lloyd’s since 1973, primarily as a reinsurance broker, starting at Bland Welch, moving on to Seascope and then the SBJ Group, a publicly quoted company, where he was on the Board. He was the Managing Director in London for HCC Insurance Holdings. He has held a number of non-executive roles. He has been in charge of marketing since 2010.
Jeremy Evans
Jeremy Evans
Chief Executive Officer, Nomina Plc

Jeremy joined Minories Underwriting Agencies in 1993, which was subsequently transferred to Aberdeen Underwriting Advisers limited with specific responsibility for its corporate capital plans, including the development of a conversion scheme for existing Members. He is the CEO of Nomina Plc as well as being a director of Hampden Capital Plc.