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Hampden Tax Consultants Ltd provides a wide range of UK tax compliance and advisory services to high net worth individuals, including Lloyd's of London members, and to trusts and estates.

Our team also works closely with Hampden Agencies Ltd and Nomina Plc in meeting the needs of Lloyd's members. From our London office, we serve clients across the UK and internationally. Our team comprises highly experienced tax practitioners who are able to offer a wide range of tax compliance and consultancy services.

Our Services

Income and capital gains tax

We can help you by preparing your self assessment tax return and provide you with estimates of your future income tax liabilities so that you can plan ahead confident that there won't be unexpected tax demands.

Inheritance, trust and estate tax

Increases in property, share and asset values can result in an unexpected inheritance tax liability that your beneficiaries may be faced with on your death. We provide bespoke independent advice to help you meet your wishes regarding your estate and reduce your exposure to inheritance tax. Working with your solicitor and financial adviser we can:

  • help you understand how much your estate is worth, and the potential inheritance tax that may be due
  • ensure you benefit from capital gains tax and inheritance tax exemptions and reliefs 
  • help you understand the tax implications of acquiring or disposing of capital assets to ensure no tax surprises

We help trustees and executors meet their UK tax obligations by preparing trust and estate accounts, calculating their tax liabilities and preparing and filings trust and estate tax returns.

HM Revenue & Customs enquiries

HMRC enquiries into a tax return can be can be stressful, costly and time consuming if handled incorrectly. Enquiries are usually raised when HMRC has received information that income or gains have not been reported correctly, or where they want to understand why a deduction or relief is being claimed. They can also be raised on a random basis. 

We have a great deal of experience in handling HMRC enquiries and can help deal with an enquiry on your behalf, defending your position and negotiating the settlement of tax, interest, surcharges and penalties.

Residence and domicile

Over the last few years major changes to the UK tax regime have been introduced which have major implications for people coming to or leaving from the UK or who are resident but not domiciled in the UK. 

Amongst other services, we can:

  • explain and advise on the UK statutory residence test and review and advise on your domicile or deemed domicile status
  • help you understand the UK tax issues that need to be addressed before you leave or come into the UK
  • work with your local accountant, in the UK or overseas, to make sure that both the UK and other country tax implications are understood and the risk of double tax being reduced

Specialist Lloyd's tax advice

Lloyd’s tax can appear to be a minefield but with many years of experience we can help you with all the UK tax challenges and opportunities that it entails. We can work with individuals and their other advisers to ensure that the Lloyd’s tax reporting is fully met and understood.

As Lloyd’s tax specialists we can help you with many aspects, including:

  • with income and capital gains tax reporting and filing of personal tax returns;
  • understanding how your Lloyd’s interest will be treated for inheritance tax and business property relief options;
  • looking at the tax consequences if you are looking to convert your underwriting status in future years;

Meet Our Team

Stephanie Moon
Stephanie Moon, MA ATT
Manager, Hampden Tax

Stephanie is a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians and has been advising individuals on taxation matters since 1997. A specialist in personal taxes she acts for a wide range of private clients including members of Lloyd’s, entrepreneurs and High Net Worth Individuals with the preparation of income tax returns and tax planning.

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