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HampdenFX enables businesses and individuals to exchange currencies at market leading rates and send payments quickly and securely worldwide.

Our sole focus is providing clients with a secure, efficient, hassle free foreign exchange and global payments service. Offering the most competitive exchange rates, fast and cost effective payments, named currency accounts and a personal service; whether you are a large corporation, an SME or a private individual.

Partnering with Ebury Partners Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution (Reference Number 900797) registered in England and Wales (registration number 7088713) . Ebury is a leading financial solutions provider that enables our clients to operate globally; either through our secure online trading/payments platform or via the trading support team. Say goodbye to poor exchange rates, slow international payments and costly currency accounts.

It costs nothing to open an account to access unbeatable exchange rates, or to discuss your requirements and allow us to tailor a solution for you.

HampdenFX Services

Simple, fast foreign exchange

Whether you are a) a business making foreign currency payments for imported goods or services or receiving foreign currency for your exports; or b) an individual seeking to exchange currencies for the purchase or sale of an asset, managing living costs or paid in a different currency we can provide named bank accounts, competitive exchange rates, transparent pricing and faster payment services.

We enable you to exchange over 130 currencies, make and receive payments via your own named currency accounts and utilise the full range of FX products to manage your FX needs.

Regardless of transaction size, you can exchange currencies and make payments either from your own account via our secure online platform or by requesting us to do so on your behalf.

We exist to meet your foreign exchange requirements at the lowest cost possible.

We offer you;

  • Complete transparency; you can see real time the exchange rate you can achieve.
  • No hidden costs; no account opening or account management charges. No spread adjustments.
  • Personal service; quick and simple management of all your FX requirements on one platform.

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Private clients

As a private client of HampdenFX we provide you with market leading exchange rates, access to fast and secure international currency transfers, and total security of your funds using segregated accounts. We offer a tailored approach to your currency requirements, and work with you to manage your foreign exchange exposure.

So if you are buying or selling foreign property, emigrating, need to transfer your income stream overseas or just have a one off payment we will help you to manage the risk of buying or selling your foreign currency. We can also offer “Forwards”, which is essentially fixing today’s exchange rate for a settlement date from one week to two years in the future. Ideal if you wish to confirm costs now for a future project.

Private clients can:

  • Execute trades and payments online or via the trading desk
  • Check quotes and make secure payments
  • Review complete trade history for accounting and audit
  • Trade first pay later
  • All funds held in segregated accounts

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Corporate clients

HampdenFX can help your business navigate the global foreign exchange market; assisting you to manage your currency exposure, provide you with named currency accounts to send and receive funds to and from, and enable you to fix exchange rates for up to two years in advance.

Regardless of the size of your business we believe in providing you with access to competitive exchange rates and quick, efficient, global payment processing. You and nominated colleagues can access our easy to use currency platform or use our phone broking service to make trades and create payments.

As well as managing your exchange risk, HampdenFX can offer hedging solutions to help iron out the fluctuations of the Foreign Exchange market and help you improve profitability. We ensure you get the most competitive exchange rates, whether for same day, next day, Spot trades or Forward contracts.

Corporate clients can:

  • Execute trades and payments online or via the trading desk
  • Send and receive secure payments from segregated named currency accounts
  • Review complete trade history for accounting and audit
  • Trade first pay later
  • Maintain all payment details for repeat transactions

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What is foreign exchange [FX]?

Every time you exchange one currency for another is a foreign exchange [FX] transaction.

How do I pay for the currency I am buying?

By making an online payment or bank transfer to the account details we provide you with. You can trade first and pay by the settlement date, or deposit funds first and then use them to settle trades. You must send us the funds required to settle your trade. (Forward trades will typically require a 5-10% deposit, with the balance due on the settlement date.)

What are Same Day, Next Day, Spot and Forward contracts?

Certain currencies (GBP, Euros and USD for example) can be bought for immediate settlement/delivery = same day, or for the next working day. A Spot trade means the settlement and delivery date is two working days after the trade. A currency bought for delivery beyond two working days and up to two years is called a Forward contract. Forward contracts can be used to lock in an exchange rate today for a later date.

How does HampdenFX pay my beneficiary, and when will the money be received?

On receipt of cleared funds, payments are released to the beneficiary account details you have supplied. The funds will credit their account on the same day if in Western Europe or the US, and on the next working day for most other currencies/locations. Our payments team can advise you of what timings are possible for the currency you wish to purchase and send.

How does HampdenFX save me money?

We enable you to access exchange rates very close to the mid-market price which you wouldn’t normally be able to acquire yourself. This means you save money compared to who you might normally use to convert currencies and make international payments. Our goal is to give you better rates than banks and other FX brokers. Transparent pricing and fast settlements save you time and money. Say goodbye to bank charges, expensive currency accounts and poor exchange rates.

What are the costs, and are there any other fees?

Setting up an account and having your own named currency account costs nothing, and there is no obligation to use it. Pricing is clear, and the margin (the live rate you can trade at vs. the interbank rate) is fixed from the outset. For deals below £5,000 in value there is flat £10 trading fee. We are charged £10 per payment but if your trade is larger than £5,000 we cover it. If you make multiple payments from one trade we will agree terms when the account is open. It will never be more than £10 per payment.

Can HampdenFX receive foreign currency on my behalf?

Yes we can. We have over 70 different currency accounts which we can receive funds into. You can also have an account in your own name if you expect to receive several payments from third parties and would like to use your name and account details on your invoices.

Is money safe with HampdenFX, are you regulated?

HampdenFX’s Payment and Foreign Currency Exchange Services are provided by Ebury Partners UK Ltd. Ebury Partners UK Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution (Reference Number 900797) registered in England and Wales (registration number 7088713) Ebury Partners UK Ltd who are the FCA regulated entity who handle all your funds, manage all compliance and anti-money laundering requirements that regulate our business. All funds are held in segregated bank accounts at tier 1 banks, and can therefore not be used by us or Ebury for operating costs.

How do I open an account?

For a personal account click here and choose Private client.

If you are a Sole trader, Partnership, Ltd company or PLC click here and choose Corporate Client.

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