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Limited Liability

Unlike the original Lloyd’s model, participation for new entrants is now via a Limited Liability Vehicle (LLV) only. This protects you and your family by ensuring only the Funds at Lloyd’s and the assets of the LLV are at risk. The LLV is also a tradeable entity.

Double use of Assets

Qualifying investments such as stocks and shares, or bonds, can be used to support the underwriting of an LLV, thus enabling returns from both the investments and from the underwriting. Bank guarantees, secured on a property portfolio or other personal assets such as land are also eligible. Using an asset to earn for you twice is a major factor in why many of our clients choose to invest with Lloyd’s.

Direct Investment into Historically Low-Correlated Asset Class

Returns from underwriting at Lloyd’s have historically had a very low correlation with those from other asset classes. In short, it provides another avenue for potential profit when other pure investment returns may be underperforming.

More than underwriting profit

Investment trade at Lloyd’s has the potential to make profits not solely from the results of syndicate underwriting, but also by way of capital gain on the acquisition and disposal of syndicate capacity (freehold capacity).

Potential Tax & Estate Planning Benefits

Underwriting at Lloyd’s is not considered to be an investment but rather a trade and as such its activities are taxed as being those of a trading entity. Amongst the benefits of such treatment is the availability of Business Property Relief and Entrepreneurs’ Relief. This is an important and complex area where specific advice from an accountant should be sought.

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With effect from 1st January 2015, the Council of Lloyd's mandated that all members of Lloyd's must be UK tax resident. The import of this measure is that investors may only participate through UK tax resident companies or if in a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) then all partners must be UK tax resident. Further advice on this is available from Hampden Marketing Team.

Hampden Agencies Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.These services are NOT being offered publicly to US persons or in the United States, nor are they being offered publicly in any other jurisdiction where such offers may be unlawful. It is the responsibility of any person communicating the contents of this document or communication, or any part thereof to ensure complete compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Underwriting at Lloyd’s is a very high risk investment. Members underwriting through a limited liability vehicle are exposed to losing the entire assets of the vehicle. Independent financial advice should always be sought before any underwriting commitment is made by a potential or existing member.