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Limited Liability Vehicles for Sale

There are currently 6 Limited Liability Vehicles for sale.

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LLVs 2020 Underwriting Capacity Gross ECA Capacity Capacity Values Funds at Lloyd's owned by LLV Funds at Lloyd's owned by vendor Humphrey & Co Business Valuation for Offer Potential Overall Investment 2018 Mid-Point Estimate 2018 Stop Loss 2019 Mid-Point Estimate 2019 Stop Loss HASP Cover £ Deadline for Offers
£ As a % of PIL
Nameco (No 929) Ltd £2,782,166 64.1% £810,410 29.1% £2,359,776 £0 £2,938,952 £2,938,952 -£209,222 N -£104,873 N
Nameco (No 980) Ltd £1,136,028 59.4% £571,000 50.3% £852,960 £0 £1,358,582 £1,358,582 -£64,790 N -£31,365 N
Nomina No 332 LLP £1,097,772 51.1% £395,597 36.0% £0 £882,072 £334,278 £1,216,350 -£62,369 10% xs 10% -£28,457 10% xs 10%
Nameco (No 936) Ltd £2,855,781 46.4% £1,265,235 44.3% £529,997 £1,000,000 £1,808,773 £2,808,773 -£92,003 N -£22,843 N
Nameco (No 544) Ltd £1,411,844 55% £668,780 47.4% £1,041,383 £0 £1,896,332 £1,896,332 -£11,772 N -£11,157 N £229,681
Nomina No 602 LLP £378,757 52% £129,516 34.2% £15 £258,568 £101,619 £360,187 -£19,529 N -£18,830 N

The above table is designed as an outline only and should be viewed in conjunction with the official Humphrey & Co Valuation. While Hampden Agencies Limited has taken all reasonable care in compiling the information it has provided, we accept no responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of that information or the way in which it has been taken into account in the preparation of the above table.

Hampden Agencies Limited accepts no liability for any loss, damage or expenses of any kind incurred by reference to decisions based on the above table.

The Benefits

Limited Liability

The protection given by limiting the exposure to the investments in the LLV and other Lloyd’s assets is a key advantage of modern Lloyd’s.

Double Use of Assets

Qualifying investments such as stocks and shares or bonds can be used to support the underwriting of a LLV thus potentially enabling returns from both the investments and from the underwriting. Bank guarantees are also eligible secured on a property portfolio or other personal assets.

Direct Investment into Historically Low-Correlated Asset Class

Returns from underwriting at Lloyd’s have historically had a very low correlation with those from other asset classes.

Potential to make Underwriting Profits & Capital Gains

Underwriting at Lloyd’s has the potential to make profits not solely from the results of syndicate underwriting, but also by way of capital gain on the acquisition and disposal of syndicate capacity.

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